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About Purvis Shop

Purvis Shop Since 1946

Our founders owned the first trucking company, the first bus service, the first hauling vehicles in Cody, Wyoming.  Henry, his son Paul, then great-grandson Brad have felt the passion and continued the legacy.  Brad passed this on to his own children.  It's a family legacy to have a passion for the classics.   In 2019 Brad, sons Shane and Wyatt, and pal Jez Krubeck are the crew.  Everyone has a strength.  Together we are unstoppable.

Our unique experiences and love for cars have brought us all together to share our passion. Our yard has a collection of rare and vintage cars and trucks that we love to show off. 

We have expanded to include more modern day models as well, making way for the cars that are instant classics!  Rat Rods are so very popular that we've included these in our inventory and plans.  Restorations are our passion--classics that are upgraded to drive modern-day speeds. 

                                                                            Check out our site to see our most recent project--a 1949 Ford truck!

What We Look For

"I've never seen a car I didn't like" is our motto! Sure, we might have disagreements on the details but all cars pre-1990 are welcome.  We pride ourselves with the diversity our yard has to offer. Gear heads to the novices are welcome!

Where To Find Us

We may not have as many cars as Seinfeld or Leno, but, between all of our memebers, we have a diverse exciting collection. You can catch us at the local "car night" at Pinnacle Bank.

We joined the Cody Country Car Show this year.  We are planning on making this an annual highlight event.

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Contact us to do some shopping! 307*587*3780